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Workers' Rights
Workers' Rights

Q&A for Workers' Rights

Technology is reshaping the American workplace, with some adverse impacts on low-wage workers who may seek legal representation to learn and assert their rights. This section covers workplace legal problems typically handled by legal services offices, such as digital wage theft, automated scheduling and hiring systems, and worker monitoring. Unemployment insurance is another key issue for worker advocates as states replace their legacy systems with machine learning systems for eligibility and fraud detection; it is addressed in the “Public Benefits” section of this report.

🏷️ Digital Wage Theft

🏷️ Unpredictable Scheduling

🏷️ Automated Hiring

🏷️ Employee Monitoring and Surveillance

🏷️ Misclassification

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Unfortunately, nepotism is not illegal in Canada. Adverse discrimination based on family status is barred by the Human Rights Code, but that is a negative right and does not protect against someone being hired due to nepotism. There are some instances where such a situation can result in legal damages. The merits of your case should be assessed by an attorney. That can be your own, or one you connect with through MPL's lawyer pairing service.