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University of Saskatchewan College of Law
University of Saskatchewan College of Law
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You have a brilliant startup idea. Now you need to execute it.

You know you need to think about legal, but you're not sure where to start because, let's face it, it's a total minefield!

Lawyers are expensive, but how else can you be sure that you're getting the right advice?

Our community gives you the knowledge and tools you need to get your legal right and the knowledge to understand why they're right.

The Mouthpiece Law [MPL] is the world's first gamified community platform for a multidisciplinary approach, offering new perspectives on the transformation of legal departments, law firms, law schools, and the legal system. As the World’s First Legal Education & Technology Platform, we connect and empower law students and legal professionals to form a legal aid task force and address legal needs through low-cost legal services. 


159 is an amazing score! Congratulations on that first and foremost! Before you begin questioning whether you write again you should review Saskatchewan's application requirements. Most law schools now are assessing candidates on a holistic basis, meaning they look at your entire application (community involvement, GPA, LSAT, volunteer work, extra curricular etc.) rather than just your GPA and LSAT. I would also recommend that you reach out and speak to a previous student or a second year student to get some more guidance. Alternatively the school advisors are also very helpful. In my experience, the above tactics have helped me... (More)