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Brainstorm ideas and ways to come up with ideas. Please read ⤵

This is a space for brainstorming ideas and how to generate ideas. 
Listen to My First Million Podcast - you'll hear the ways Shaan and Sam (the hosts) think of new ideas, see opportunities in big markets and look at things through the X for Y lens (e.g. Uber for X, Tinder for Y)

  • Look at Venture-Backed companies that failed and see if you could build with no-code, with a lot fewer people
  • Look at Venture-Backed acquisitions that got swallowed by their acquirers
  • Unbundle big companies (Craigslist, Reddit, Facebook groups etc) - Great read on this here
  • Look at other interested businesses through a framework you create for yourself (e.g. 2-person business, recurring payments, low price point)
  • Read Naval's Twitter thread here
  • Search First Round's database here
  • Acknowledge what you do weekly or daily that could perhaps be automated


  • The more you research without taking action, the more you're making excuses
  • Just build a lot of stuff. No-code helps you do that very quickly
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