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👄Welcome to Mouthpiece Law Community👄

The Mouthpiece Law Team is working to advance a client-centric approach to justice that puts consideration of the individual at the heart of justice. For the past year, our team has been working on a complete overhaul of entire platforms in order to better serve our legal community, but general users. While the initiative is still in the works, I'd like to invite our first Pro Bono lawyers, law students, and pre-law to our Beta version.

Although still work in process, we are here to address three problems and provide long-term solutions that will benefit every member of the legal community.

😢 Problems

1. Many clients are reluctant to invest an enormous amount of money in legal services, so they choose not to receive legal advice or representation. 

2. Law students are receiving fewer practical e-learning environments and job opportunities.

3. In many areas, the availability of lawyers outnumbers the demand, making it very difficult for some lawyers to find work.

💡 Solutions

1. Gamified Legal Question and Answer platform to provide free legal information, thereby lowering costs associated with non-value-added processes.

2. Toolkits for people who don't know how to code (E-Learning courses for law students and lawyers) :NoCodeJD (coming in July)

3. E-resume Interface and Interactive Whiteboard all function together with Gamification Solutions.

😄 Benefits

Finding the best answer to your legal question while improving access to justice will benefit everyone. But more specifically,

1. Students will be given an opportunity to present their research and gain additional knowledge from legal practitioners while gaining practical experience, and exposure to the latest legal tech

2. Solo practitioners, In-house counsels, or even Big Law lawyers will be given an opportunity to provide their legal services to low-to-medium-income families without hurting their bottom lines.

3. Legal tech companies will have the opportunity to communicate with consumers and investors. 

🤗We Always Appreciate Your Act of Justice🤗



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