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We are building a database for the Justice ecosystem with the LegalTech & RegTech ecosystem.

Our goal is to share advancements in processes and digital solutions that enable legal and regulatory professionals to do more, faster, better, and often for less in order to create more value and improve access to justice.

If you are a tech provider and want to be part of our database, drop us a line about your company, legaltech category, and key features at

The Stanford Law School CodeX Techindex categories:

  • Analytics: - data analysis methods and technologies, to improve efficiency, gain insight and realize greater value from available data
  • Document Automation: storing & organizing of legal documents, automatic contract  and businesses, online identity verification
  • Compliance: GDPR, privacy, etc.
  • E-Discovery: collecting and processing information from litigation documents
  • Legal education: Online courses etc
  • Legal research: legal question or checking for legal precedent
  • Marketplace: connects consumers and lawyers, fixed-price legal services and legal advice
  • Online Dispute Resolution: virtual courts, mostly for resolving small consumer claims, e.g. flight delay compensation claims,
  • Practice Management: back-office services, e.g. billing, task management, project management, client management tools
No items available at this time.