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Technology impacts people’s most personal relationships. This section highlights some areas family law attorneys for low-income families are likely to encounter in their practices, including predictive analytics in child welfare, technologically-enabled abuses within intimate partner relationships, and the risk of data scraping of family court records, especially given that low-income families are more likely than wealthier ones to engage with court systems to resolve family disputes.

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Marital properties can at times be a part of the distribution of assets during a divorce. A mutually agreed upon divorce is known as an "uncontested" or "simple" divorce. If you are unsatisfied with the terms of your divorce, you will need to speak to an attorney to help you through the "uncontested divorce" process. If you need assistance with finding an attorney at a specific price range, MPL's lawyer pairing service on the homepage may be able to help. Good luck!


Child support payments since the advent of COVID-19 continue to be handled and enforced by the Family Responsibilities Office (FRO). As with non-pandemic situations, child support payments can be amended through a court motion at the same court that granted the court order for you to make payments initially. To amend your payment schedule, you will need to contact a lawyer to file a motion on your behalf and help you demonstrate a material change in circumstance, post COVID-19. If you do not already have an attorney, Mouthpiece Law's lawyer pairing service (home page) may be of use to you.... (More)